Majestic Football League

The League for the Player…Not the League!

About the League

What is the MFL?

The MFL is a new and comprehensive Semi-Pro Football League that targets small businesses, and existing Semi-Pro Football Teams that have young men who have graduated from high school or college who for various reasons did not go to the next level such as the NFL, CFL, or Arena Football.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for you to own a Semi-Pro Football Team. For more information, please visit:

Meet the Owner

Walter Bowling - Majestic Football League CommissionerThe MFL is owned and operated by RuffLee Management Group, LLP. RuffLee started in 1988 under the leadership of Walter “WB” Bowling, II, whose passion for the game of football and entertainment moved in big ways. In 1996 WB hosted and sponsored the reunion that sparked the major motion picture, “Remember the Titans”.

WB’s career spans more than two decades. He started his career in the Law Enforcement community for more than 10 years as a Special Police Officer (SPO), and in the Criminal & Special Investigations Division for both the Washington Metropolitan and Mt. Vernon Police Departments. Since leaving the Police departments WB became the Director of Security for several renowned corporations; NABISCO, Prentiss Properties, Barton Protective Agency, and The Wells Fargo ATM Division. Among the highlights of his career, he has been a personal bodyguard for The Bar-Kay’s, Tony Guy and Neat, Radio Personalities’, Corporate CEO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents, of Major Corporations and various Ministers throuthout the Washington Metropolitan area. Before moving into sports and entertainment, WB was a successful and award winning Manager for 10 years with three of the top Fortune 500 companies; McDonald’s Restaurant INC. The Southland Corporation (7-11), and the Tandy Corporation. (Radio Shack)

In addition to being a member in the TRUE Semi-Pro Football League, WB has been the Founder and General Manager for the Washington Warriors since 2008. Today, WB is the League Commissioner of The Majestic Semi-Pro Football League. The MFL targets existing Semi-Pro Teams that give young men with the passion for the sport an opportunity to play in a “League” designed for the player…not the league.

Our Story

We believe your life is God’s gift to you. How you use it is making it a gift to God…By serving others! We ask our Father in the name of Jesus, open our eyes to those struggling to have the joys of your kingdom…open our hearts to help them, use us to find ways to help them…and through them…to You! We will strive to make The Majestic Semi-Pro Football, the premier league everyone wants to play in.

The Plan

We plan to implement (32) teams (50) players per team, 4 divisions, (North, South, East, West) 8 teams per division, (320) games, 4 fields stretching from Richmond, Washington Metro Area, Southern & Northern Maryland, Baltimore, Delmarva, Salisbury, & Hagerstown. Games will be played on Saturdays from 9am-9pm, starting in June & ending in September. [Schedule subject to change due to area]. The MFL will have its own website, newsletter, & programs with information on players, teams, sponsors, game highlights and stats.


Develop & equip young men with the tools &resources to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.


To be the Premiere Semi-Pro Football League in the United States.


To realize our Vision within 5 years.


The League for Players…Not the League!

Majestic Football League