Majestic Football League

The League for the Player…Not the League!

The Majestic Football League is Coming

It’s the sound every fan waits to hear: The quarterback barking signals— the crack of the pads as players launch themselves like missiles towards each other—the cheer of the crowd when an awesome play has been made. Football, the number one sports obsession in America, promises an exhilarating spectacle every fall, only to leave, like a vacation fling, gone too soon.

If you are a football fan, you know the feeling. The need to continue to feed the hunger for football is nearly insatiable. Trying to fill the void with game replays, combines and training camps only make the hunger pains grow. However, the wait is almost over for the long suffering football fanatic. Spring Football—with actual professional athletes—displayed like a four-course meal for delicious consumption. The MFL is coming! Nothing can satisfy like watching high performance athletic competition. Nothing beats watching hard hitting, high flying, plays that make you say, “Woooo!”

The Majestic Football League, more commonly known as the MFL, is poised to fill the void after the “Big Game”. Presenting a unique entertainment experience, the MFL continues to promote the traditions of Football, within a family-friendly atmosphere that embraces fundamental American values and a commitment to glorify God, who makes all things possible. Boldly proclaiming these ethics is how the league got its name.

Majestic also means the level of game performance. Every player who plays in the MFL is one step away from being a contributing member in the NFL. Every player is just as fast, just as strong, just as committed as any player you see in the National Football League. The League is designed to provide a fast-paced game with the same quality you witness every week from September to February. The only difference is you have the opportunity to see football all day, once a week, from March to August.

Young and old football fans alike will enjoy the sports entertainment experience provided by the MFL. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, and somewhat of what we’ve been missing. The excitement is thick with the anticipation of watching the MFL give us some more football. Are you ready?

Majestic Football League